LocBloc - Walling System

    LocBloc is an easy to build, mortar-free walling system that allows you to undertake landscaping projects which will instantly improve the appearance and value of your property.

  • The Ultimate Walling System
  • Perfect for Landscaping - Straight or Curved Walls
  • Real Stone Look
  • Maintenace Free
    Flower beds and tree rings with a minimum diameter of 48" are quickly constructed.

    - A Natural Stone Capping Is Also Available -
    - Design Flexibility for Any Landscape Style -

    This single block makes the construction of all shapes of walls or edging for flower beds, drives and lawns.


    A solid foundation ensures a well-built and long-lasting wall. Excavate a trench 16" wide by 4" deep. Fill with 1/2" stone gravel and compact. Place first course, with retaining lip downward on the prepared foundation. Use spirit level and string line to ensure level and straightness. Backfill each course to top of LocBloc. To offset vertical joint lines, position second course with LocBloc halfway on top of the lower units. The built in lip on the underside of the block establishes the required set-back.

    Note: The wedge shape of the LocBloc allows straight and internally or externally curved walls to be built. A natural stone capping is available to complete the wall. The dimensions of the capping are 18" by 9" by 1 1/2"

    FOR CURVES - The block shape allows forward and reverse curves to be achieved with uniform joint line between face edges of each block.

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