Concrete Feed Bunks

We use only high-quality, extra-rich concrete in our feed bunks. This provides greater resistance to the acid action from ensilage, adding to the life of the bunk even in severe climate conditions.
  • Available in 12-foot sections, weighing 2100 pounds each
  • Each 12-foot section is well reinforced with 140 linear feet of 3/8-inch rebar welded into a mat that is designed to give the maximum effect of the steel.
  • A heavy 2 3/8-inch O.D. wall pipe is cast in concrete to provide a base for the bunks, which eliminates setting the pipe in the ground or fastening the pipe to the bunks. This also leaves the pipe independent from the bunks, eliminating bunk breakage caused by pressure or accidental bumps against the pipe. The alignment of the pipe within the front wall facilitates easier cleaning of the bunks.

Additional Features

  • Flat Bottom for Easier Cleaning
  • High Back Cuts Down on Feed Throw-over
  • Large Capacity Facilitates Green Chop Feeding
  • Front Height Allows for Both Calf and Cow Feeding
  • Optional Sloped Mounting Pad - One Inch per 24-inch Width
  • Slick Finish and Chamfered Corners Allow Cattle to Clean Up Feed
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