Tilt Wall Silo Systems

  • Precast Concrete
  • 8' x 12' Side Walls
  • Large Capacities
  • Flat Bottom

Providing DELIVERY and
for Kansas, Nebraska, Eastern Colorado and Northern Oklahoma!

Concrete Feed Bunks

We use only high-quality, extra-rich concrete in our feed bunks.

  • Available in 12-foot sections, weighing 2100 pounds each

Concrete Septic Tanks

  • 1,250 Gallon Capacity
  • Precast - Steel-Reinforced

Atwood Lumber Co.

Atwood Lumber Company is a subsidiary of Finley Construction & Ready Mix, Inc. We offer building materials for the farm and home, for both contractors and the general public.

Come in and see what we offer!

Finley Construction & Ready Mix, Inc. is located on North Highway 25 in Atwood, Kansas, in the Heartland of the USA. We have proudly been serving the Great Plains area since 1946.

We are equipped to handle all of your concrete needs, including: Precast concrete, Granary cones, Concrete buildings, Stock watering slabs and Slabs of all kinds. We also provide specialized and general construction for your farm or home, offering: Storm and entry doors, Windows, Kitchen cabinets, Treated lumber, Sheet rock, Builders’ hardware and lots more!

We would love to help you with any of your concrete or construction needs. Please contact us at 785-626-3282 with any questions.
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